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Slick Sites can modify your website quickly, efficiently and affordably.

A successful website is always well maintained. Every business website should be updated regularly to: -

  • Keep your content up to date
  • Achieve a higher Search Engine ranking. Search Engines love websites which have fresh, new content added on a regular basis
  • Give your visitors an incentive to return to your website. They won't if the content always stays the same

Often a small business owner does not have the resources to employ a full time web designer or they are short of time.

This is where Slick Sites can save you time and money. We can maintain your small business website for you quickly and efficiently. We don't charge you an ongoing monthly fee. Maintenence is simply charged at $66 per hour billed in 15 minute increments.

Alternatively we can setup your website to enable you to modify parts of the content yourself using Adobe Contribute. This is very straightforward and no knowledge of HTML is required. A training session is included.

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