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Slick Sites can register a business domain name on your behalf with a reliable registrar. Rest assured that you will always be notified when it is due for renewal.

What is a domain name ?

We can take care of all aspects of your website domain registration and renewals if it makes life easier for you: -

  • Register the domain name
  • Pay the domain name renewal fee every 2 years and then invoice you. This ensures that if the renewal emails don't reach you for whatever reason, there is no danger of you losing your domain name
  • Sort out any administration issues which may crop up
  • Ensure that the email address used to register the domain name is YOURS !

If you decide to go it alone, then there are a few things you should be aware of.
See The beginner's guide to domain names for more information: -

1. Avoid administrative mistakes that can lose you control

It is not unheard of for a business to lose their domains completely when they expire because the details used to register them are no longer correct.

It is also possible to lose control of your domain name if the Registrant email address given at the time of registration is that of the person registering the name and not yours. The password required to transfer the domain name will only be sent to this email address and no other. This means that the owner of the email address could make things difficult for you if they wanted.

Control of a domain is not based on who is the boss of the company. Control is dictated by the details stored in the WHOIS database. This database records the name and contact details of the person or entity with responsibility for every domain and should always be kept up to date.

When registering domains for a business, always ensure that the email address used will remain under your control and that the administrative details are yours.

2. Choose your domain name carefully to protect your brand

It is advisable to search for domain names when deciding on and registering your business name to ensure that the brand is differentiated from competitors' brands and that all the appropriate domains are available.

Consider registering multiple domains before someone else registers them. You might want to do this if your company name is likely to be misspelt, if there is a chance that you might want to expand internationally or to avoid customer confusion eg. An identity mixup could result in a customer buying from instead of The domains you register can easily be redirected to point to the same website.

3. Choose a reputable domain name registrar

All top level domains - .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .name, etc. - and many second level domains -, for example - are administered by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). For Australian second level domains (,, etc.) the registry is called AusRegistry and is administered by AuDA (The Australian Domain Name Administrator).

However, you can only register your domain names through approved and licensed registrars, of which there are many. Some people might tell you to go for the cheapest one as the administrative tasks they perform are identical. This may be true in some cases, but from our experience there are some who don't ensure that you are notified when your domain name is due for renewal every two years, which means that your website will suddenly disappear and you could lose ownership of the name entirely.

For this reason Slick Sites chooses Netregistry as their preferred Domain Name Registrar. They have the best value domain name registration prices in Australia, coupled with 24x7 customer service.

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