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Slick Sites develop websites that work ... websites that are attractive, load quickly and are easy to navigate.

We can take care of all aspects of the website design process, with your input of course. The following will give you a better understanding of the most important considerations in the design of your website: -

1. A Professional, Slick Design

Your website needs to be: -

  • Attractive and fast loading
  • Easy to navigate, so that your visitors can find the information they are looking for quickly and easily
  • Easy to find. You want your website to rank well in keyword searches and not get lost amongst the billions of other websites
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Compatible with the latest technology, such as the popular iPad
  • Either designed to be viewed easily on a small mobile device such as a phone, or you should have a separate mobile website.

2. Content is King

If your website visitors cannot find the information they came for quickly and easily, they will go elsewhere. Most web users are very busy people who want to read only as much as they need. Good web writing is: -

  • Like a conversation
  • Answers people's questions
  • Lets people "grab and go"

Focus on your customers and what they want to know.

Write your content in inverted pyramid style, with the key message at the beginning rather than at the end. See Tips for Writing Website Content.

3. Search Engine Friendly

When planning the design of your website, keep the Search Engines in mind. Search Engines aim to list websites that contain relevant content, so you need to use keywords and phrases on your pages that best describe your service and products. You should choose different keywords for every page of your website.

Try to choose a domain name for your website which includes one or more of your most important keywords.

On every page use your chosen keywords: -

  • In the heading
  • In links to other pages of your website
  • Throughout the page. Use them near the beginning of the first paragraph if possible and aim for a keyword density of around 3%
  • In the metatags within the HTML (Title, Description and Keywords)
  • In the ALT tags of your images

A useful tool for choosing relevant keywords is the Google Keyword Tool.

4. Prove That Your Business is Trustworthy

With so many online businesses to choose from, you need to stand out from the crowd. One of the most important things you need to do is to earn people's trust, so that they feel confident about dealing with your business.

You can do this in a number of ways: -

  • Include testimonials from your customers to show your website visitors that you are trustworthy, reliable and that you offer great service and/or products. Only use real testimonials and if possible provide contact details of the person who wrote it. If you don't have any testimonials yet, simply email your customers and ask for their feedback on your business and service. Most satisfied customers will be happy to help
  • Showcase your goods or services in a Photo Gallery
  • Include a money back or 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • State your privacy policy clearly. Online shoppers are concerned about how the information they provide to you will be used and quite rightly so. Customers need to feel secure that you won't sell or rent their details to third parties
  • Include your contact details in as many places as possible to make it easy for potential customers to contact you. Apart from the obvious "Contact Us" page, include them at the top or bottom of every page at the very least. This information should include your business name and ABN, physical address, mailing address, telephone, fax and email address
  • Ensure that your product or service description is honest and the pricing is always up to date
  • If your products have been positively reviewed on other websites, ensure you link to them. Other people's opinions about your product or service carry more weight than yours
  • Include a clear return/refund policy, so that your customers understand how they will be refunded if problems arise
  • Include an "About Us" page where you explain to potential customers who you are, why they should buy your products or services and why they should trust your business. Your Business hours, your mission and your ABN or ACN could also be included on this page
  • If you sell products online or accept payment via your website, you should include your website security details in simple terms
  • Make sure that you double-check the spelling on your website to make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Also check that there are no broken links and that all graphics display correctly. If your website has mistakes, people may doubt the quality of your products and services
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"I have a hairdressing business in Epping Sydney, est. since 1995. I am not computer minded, but realised I need to have a web site. After discussing it with several web professionals and constantly putting it in the too hard basket … Alas I met Rona from slicksites…. The entire project ceased being a problem and became an exciting and creative journey. I am a perfectionist and struggle activating live/ progressive documents. Rona has been patient, supportive professional and practical in her development and application of my website. I am so grateful to her and confident to recommend her to my clients and friends."

Ms Elizabeths Hair Studio
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